Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Dream - KL Legacy - Kuala Lumpur Legacy

You of course to that in order to achieve anything, the most important thing you first must have is to have a dream and my dream now is I want to take over KL/Legacy or Kuala Lumpur Legacy.


Web definitions for legacy: bequest: (law) a gift of personal property by will. Personal properties can be in many form. Most will think of leaving behind a legacy as leaving a lot of money for those you leave behind. That is what I want, but not the only thing I want to leave behind. You see, personal properties include intangibles like a good reputation, goodwill, the gratitude of those you helped while you are still alive while living on earth.

I really hope that you too will want to leave behind a legacy. If you do, please contact me by going to the CONTACT FORM (to be added later).

Now that I have a dream, the next course of action is to go on a fact-finding mission. Tomorrow I am going to ask a few questions, and depending on the answers to those few questions, I don't know if that dream will stay I want to take over KL/Legacy or Kuala Lumpur Legacy or change to I want to overtake KL/Legacy or Kuala Lumpur Legacy.

Well dreams are dreams and will remain dreams. Whethe my dream is achieable or not, I do not know as I do not yet have all the information I need to do an evaluation. But essentially, achieving a dream demands action, and it will depend on how much efford and time I am prepared to achieve that dream.

But I hope that you too will have a dream.